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Preoperative Risk Education Package

PREP: Preoperative Risk Education Package


Welcome to PREP. An educational resource designed by a multidisciplinary team of GPs and anaesthetists.
This resource focuses upon improving outcomes following major non-cardiac surgery through optimization of patient health in the preoperative period.

Multidisciplinary, cross-sector working is critical to achieving this with primary care staff playing a leading role.
Facilitating and combining small changes in the time available prior to surgery can yield great benefits for patients.

We encourage you to view the short introductory animation.
This provides an overview of the challenge facing surgical patients and introduces risk factors that can significantly influence their perioperative journey and quality of recovery.
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Thank you for visiting the resource, we hope you will find it beneficial in supporting patients approaching major surgery.
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The PREP development team.


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This work has been carried out as a result of of a collaborative venture between South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation trust and ELM Alliance Limited. The initial idea was conceived and implemented by Prof. Gerard Danjoux (South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) with the ulimate aim of improving patient outcomes through shared working across healthcare sectors.

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